Founded in March 2018, Number 226 Productions is an imprint of Mimi MacFarland LLC for which the U.S. Trademark is currently pending.

Our purpose is to collect, edit, publish, and disseminate writing of exceptional quality.

We sponsor poetry and other writing contests, as well as occasional video productions.

We tell great stories. 

Please use the drop-down menu to view available titles, and visit often for more.

Upcoming Releases:  "Large Slow Target", "Collected Stories"

Upcoming Contests:  "Living with PTSD", an Anthology of First-Person accounts

We are especially open to stories about how each author manages to survive, even thrive, in the midst of or after a life-altering trauma, for example but not limited to, military action, rape, childhood abuse, elder abuse, trauma as a result of motor vehicle accident, being a first responder, emergency medical technician, nurse, or doctor, the frontlines of the COVID pandemic is no exception. The purpose of the collection is to enable and encourage authors to engage in the cathartic impact of describing their pain and their methods of coping in support of one another privately through reading the experiences of other authors who make it, somehow, through every day.

Submission Guidelines: Maximum of 10,000 words. Stories must be original work written by previously unpublished authors. All submissions will receive careful review and acknowledgement. Stories of merit may require editing in cooperation with the author; there is no charge for this service. Authors whose stories are accepted will be notified of the publication in Trade Paperback.

NOTICE: Due to exceptional circumstances, Number 226 Productions is experiencing a major transformation, so we are not accepting additional stories at this time. But please do keep writing! We look forward to reading your work.

Thank you for being you